Chris Sutcliff

Artist Man I am
20th Jun 2009

One Day Something Amazing Will Happen.

One Day Something Amazing Will Happen

Acrylic, Newsprint, Spray Paint on canvas

24 x 36 inches


Done as a homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Jasper Johns. Referencing the work of your heroes always feels uncomfortably close to stealing from them. Although, if you become exceedingly good at it then you will have a lucrative career in forgery and will no longer care what they think.

by Chris
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3 Responses to
“One Day Something Amazing Will Happen.”

  1. Ben Wright says:

    Sutty this is amazing!!!
    This is just exactly the kind of art I wanted to do last year in college but it never happened. We got told what to do, great form of self-expression there 😉
    I need to see these for real, I cant read all the little details….can just about see “exit strategy”

  2. Ben Wright says:

    Oh I didnt realise you could make it bigger!

  3. Ill give my name in my own sweet time you gobby comment box says:

    THis one in particular is rather… well.. Awesome really. It has pride of place at mine at the mo, although alex wants it soon! Can get lost in it if you look to deep, I was looking at it the other day, must have taken a wrong turn and ended up in Narnia! Mr Tumnus says hi!

    Love ya SUTToire III

    From Gaz ‘N’ Alix

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