Chris Sutcliff

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3rd Jun 2009

Donde es Sancho la Grasa?

Donde es Sancho la Grasa

Acrylic, spray paint on canvas

20 x 39 inches


This was done for Rob as payment for making this site. Thank you for pointing out that this was a very cheap thing for me to have done to a friend. Sancho the Fat refers to Rob’s website name (and possibly also his secret alter ego) and I thought I was being dead clever writing it in Spanish. As I used Babel Fish for the translation, this is almost certainly not how any Spaniard would write this.

by Chris
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“Donde es Sancho la Grasa?”

  1. I love it dude! (happy face). I want it back now it’s on the website – the 2 empty juice cartons I put in it’s place just don’t have the same impact… (sad face).

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