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3rd Aug 2009

Virtual Reality.

Pull your car over immediately and check your neighbouring vehicles. I have just driven down a main road behind a woman in a dark blue Fiat Punto who had her Sat-Nav mounted exactly in the middle of her side of the windscreen. Right in front of her eyes. Actual road not included. Well funny and terrifying all at the same time. I guess when the X-BOX just doesn’t do it for you anymore there is an alternative hyper realistic driving game called “I am probably going to kill someone any minute now vol. 3 – Burnley Break-em-up”. Check out the graphics on that! You can actually see the bone protruding from the twisted metal! Awesome! How real do those Cops look!

Anyway, I thought women were the multi taskers? All my ex girlfriends could look in two places at once.

Daft bat.

For the rest of your life now you’ll let dark blue Fiat Punto’s overtake you and you’ll just ride real slow behind them.


by Chris
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