Chris Sutcliff

Artist Man I am
9th Jun 2010

Rub Us Out.

The direction of the wind has changed

The lost look in your eyes remains

Hanging Frozen Twisted Tight

Uncertain in the streets tonight

Nothing ventured nothing gained

Crying puddles with the rain

Moving away and not returning

Forgetting all you should be learning

Sign your life upon the line

Drown the guilt in a glass of wine

You aren’t your job you aren’t your shoes

The innocence you had to lose

They don’t need to know your name

You’re just somewhere to lay the blame

The cruelest card you ever dealt

The blade on which you cut yourself

All your schemes and all your plans

The way she used to hold your hand

Bang your drum and stop your talking

Walk away and keep on walking

Can’t help the way we’re all the same

Can’t rub us out and start again.

by Chris
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