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11th Jan 2010

Ombromanie (Shadowgraphy).

This is easily the most exciting thing to happen to me all year!

My bedroom light bulb died today (not the exciting bit). It was a misty bulb but I couldn’t find any of those in the shops so I bought clear bulbs instead (also not the exciting bit). When I got home I couldn’t work out how the toggle thing worked to keep the light shade on (Man Fail = minus 100 points) so I took the shade off altogether and left the clear bulb swinging naked from the ceiling (nearly the exciting bit). I just went to the window to draw the curtains for the night and I happened to look at the side of the building across the back street (drum-roll……). With the un-shaded, un-misted light bulb shining behind me like a thousand suns, the shadow of my head was projected twenty feet high onto the entire side of a house. Twenty feet high! Within seconds my left hand was a massive Antelope and my right hand was a giant Snake eating it. The endless possibilities. I could weep with happiness.

For thirty pence and a lack of toggle know-how I have just accidentally re-created the Caveman’s I-MAX. Only instead of re-enacting heroic sagas and tribal tales I am going to get fluffy toys and make their shadows fornicate to upset the neighbours.

Twenty foot tall teddy porn now available on the side of a house near you.

I’ll never be bored again.

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5 Responses to
“Ombromanie (Shadowgraphy).”

  1. PHOTOS! (and or videos/VIDEOS)

  2. Mum says:

    Have I created a monster I ask myself. What happened to Bambi shadow shows? X

  3. Sister of towelling cossie fame says:

    Mum, what are you doing here?

  4. neighbour of chris says:

    thank god for that i did honestly think i had taken the wrong tablets when i looked out of my window and saw a 20 foot rabbit on the wall

  5. Me encanta leer las cosas que encuentro en este sitio. Nos vemos.

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